Benefits of Per Diem Healthcare Work

Are you a Denver healthcare worker who is experiencing burn out from working too much? Or does your manager refuse to give you enough hours to get by on? How does working as much or as little as you want as a Denver healthcare worker sound? With GigWorx you can do just that! You can pick up a shift, a week, or work a full schedule with possible overtime, the choice is yours!

With per diem staffing you can enjoy a flexibility that few other professions can match. You decide when, where and how much to work, nobody else. Flexibility is not the only reason to consider per diem staffing. Here are five more benefits you should consider.

  1. Good pay. GigWorx’s average hourly rate is $22-$25 for CNAs, $32-$40 for LPNs, and $45-$55 for PRNs. How does that stack up with the national average? Pretty darn good according to! But see for yourself.

National Average (according to







GigWorx Average








  1. Time off whenever you need it. Life can be tricky and you can never plan for the unexpected. With per diem staffing, you pick up the shifts that work with your schedule. There are many reasons why you might need to reduce your Denver healthcare hours. Maybe you have young children and want to spend more time with them at home, but don’t want to lose the valuable skills you have worked so hard to attain. Perhaps a loved is ill and you want to care for them. Who better than you, after all? Or perhaps now is the time to earn that advanced healthcare degree you have put on the back burner. No matter the reason, when other things pull at you and demand your time, per diem staffing allows you that work/life balance.
  2. Flexible hours/shifts. Most Denver healthcare workers would agree that the best part of per diem staffing is the flexibility. Work if you want to, say no if you can’t. Work one Denver healthcare per diem shift a month or several per week, it’s all up to you.
  3. Don't get burnt out. Only you know when the job is getting the best of you and you need a break. Whether you need to drag yourself to work, feel disillusioned at your job, or are not your usually friendly self with patients, occupational burnout is a real thing. When working full-time, often you can’t take a break or vacation when you need it. Time off needs to be planned ahead of time and approved. With per diem staffing, you can take a break when you need it and without the need of management’s approval.
  4. Build your resume/experience. If learning a new technology or expanding your skillset is part of your Denver healthcare career goals, per diem staffing can provide you with unparalleled opportunities. Explore a variety of different options without the commitment. Who knows? You may stumble upon a fresh area of Denver healthcare that changes your career path to something you really enjoy! And you get to work with a variety of different people along the way.

Still not sure? Here are 3 reasons why you should give it a try.

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