GigWorx Healthcare Staffing is a Step Above the Rest

What sets us a part from other healthcare staffing companies?


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GigWorx Healthcare Staffing is dedicated to providing top notch PRN staffing. Two of the key distinctions that set us apart from other agencies are our vetting process and our W-2 employees

Our Vetting Process

GigWorx puts every employee through a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that all of our clinicians are experienced, qualified, and have up to date certifications and vaccinations. Follow the link below for more information on our compliance process.

20-point Compliance Checklist


W-2 Staff

GigWorx also hires clinicians as W-2 employees instead of placing 1099 contractors. Did you know that a 1099 contractor is nearly always uninsured? This means that if the worker is injured on the job or injures a resident, your facility could be facing costly lawsuits.

GigWorx carries several types of insurance to help share in the liability. Any employee injury is completely covered by our worker’s compensation insurance, and in the event one of our employees injures a resident, we carry millions of dollars in General and Professional Liability insurance.

Want to see copies of our insurance liabilities? Follow the link below to see our certificates of insurance. Now may be an excellent time to find out if your other platforms carry the same types of coverages!

Certificates of Insurance 

Quality and Support

We care about our workers and provide them with better pay and benefits to ensure you get only the best clinicians in times of need, and we care about our clients enough to protect them in the face of uncertainty that can come with agency usage and per diem staffing. Come to GigWorx for your staffing needs! GigWorx is a partner that cares.

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