Is PRN Nursing Right For You?

For all you Denver per diem job seekers out there, have you considered PRN Nursing? If you haven’t a clue what PRN Nursing is, no worries. In this article, we define PRN Nursing, describe common personality traits of a PRN Nurse, and provide PRN Nursing scenarios so that you can learn more about the role of a PRN Nurse.

After reading and learning more about the functions of a PRN Nurse, you can decide whether a career in PRN Nursing is the right fit for you.

So what exactly is a PRN Nurse?

In Latin, the phrase “Pro Re Nata” means “as necessary.” Referred to simply as “PRN” in the medical field, these nurses work similarly to freelance or independent contractors in other industries. What this means is that as a PRN Nurse, you most likely will not work a set schedule for one particular company. Instead, you will help patients when and where you are needed, and as it fits within your schedule.

Do I have the right personality to become a PRN Nurse?

Well, are you adaptable, flexible, fair, caring, empathic, trustworthy, or kind? If you answered, “yes,” then chances are you have what it takes to be a PRN nurse. Here are some additional traits and characteristics that some experts say make a good PRN Nurse:

  • ZipRecruiter says that a good PRN nurse should be comfortable in a broad array of medical situations, be flexible with scheduling, and adaptable to changing sleep patterns. .They also say that like all nurses, you should be comfortable dealing with the occasional difficult patient and be physically fit.
  • agrees that nurses should be flexible and ready to adapt to changing scenarios. Their article lists a combination of 7 personal and professional characteristics that successful nurses have in common, including strong communication skills, good critical thinking skills, attention to detail, time management and delegation skills.

Who are some typical PRN Nurses?

There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to PRN Nurses, but here are three common scenarios where per-diem nursing has worked well:

  • Soon after having her first child, Chrys started working as a PRN at a post-acute care nursing home in Denver so she could have a more flexible working schedule. Two kids later, and the arrangement still works. “I can pick and choose when I want to work. If I have day care issues or one of the kids gets sick, I don’t pick up a shift that day. It has alleviated a lot of the stress many of my mom friends who work full time experience. This has really worked well for me and my family.”
  • Sam earned an associate’s degree in nursing and got certified as a PRN Nurse. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to continue college to earn his bachelor’s degree. He wanted to test the waters to make sure he enjoyed nursing before committing to two more years and a bunch of student loans. Working as a PRN Nurse allowed him to work in lots of different areas and environments. “Turns out I like nursing a lot. I especially liked working with the elderly at a nursing home. Connecting with them and bringing them some joy in their lives really meant a lot to me. I enrolled in Denver’s School of Nursing and am working on getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I still pick up PRN Nursing shifts whenever I can to help pay my bills.”
  • Angie was getting close to retiring and wanted to scale back on her hours. She left her full-time nursing job and is now working as a PRN Nurse. “I was definitely experiencing burn-out after working in a chaotic department for over thirty years. I love being able to work the hours I want. When I cut back my hours, my love of nursing returned. I thought I had lost it forever.”

How do I become a PRN Nurse?

Become a healthcare pro. Get licensed as a CNA, LPN or RN. Then, sign up with GigWorx. We will find you the shifts and send them to your mobile. You pick up the shifts that work with your schedule. And, yup. It’s that easy!

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